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For Better Future

Providing Opportunities for Generation Sharing Burden of Single Mothers

Working on Girls

Supporting Girls Education and Helping them Shine

Urban Destitute Support

Reaching Unreached in Community

Who We Are ?

1.     Organization Name

Our organization formerly called as Forum for Human Rights and Development abbreviated as FHRD has got its current name Center of Concern which is abbreviated as COC in 2013. As the name of the organization imply, we believe that we are a center of excellence and institution where a collection of people who have in depth concern on any developmental issues, equitable welfare distribution and humanity.

2.     Establishment Purpose

COC is established in 2005 at regional (SNNPRS) level as forum for human rights and development and recently registered as Ethiopian Residents Charity Organization at Federal level, bearing a license number of 3160 for the purpose to contribute to the achievements of citizen driven socio economic development and more effective protection of vulnerable population in Ethiopia. 

Program Intervention Areas

Our Selected Program Intervention Areas are :

Child Care and Support

Helping children grow better so that they could have better today and tomorrow.

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Much is still needed in Ethiopian Education system beyond government effort.

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Health, HIV/AIDS , PLHIVs Care and Support

Health, HIV/AIDS , PLHIVs Care and Support still needs much effort

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Women & Youth Empowerment

The phenomenon of street children is expanding from time to time that needs to be addressed

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Natural Resource &Environment

Natural Resource Management &Environment Protection

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Drought , Food Security and Livelihood

As a major threat in areas we are working and Ethiopia at large

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Citizens Reached


Fund Raised


Projects Completed


Kebeles Reached

CoC Activities

At Center of Concern Ethiopia, there are various activities made with remarkable results and impacting the lives of those seeking interventions as of ours.


We are reaching wide community based aspects.

In context approach

In context approach to address community needs.

Real Time Monitoring

CoC is actively taking monitoring and evaluation activities with stake holders to endure effectiveness and efficiency.

Culture and Friendly Approach

CoC is actively participating in various events where it can reach wider community.

Participatory Approach

Participatory approach for kids and youths by letting them play roles.

Capacity Building

CoC has been conducting various capacity building programs and activities to raise awareness of community and target groups.

Our Staff Members

Here are some of our staff members who are working in major areas. In case you want to know more about our projects and activities, please hesitate not to contact us through their respective department.

Tehitna Markos

Admin and Finance

Nardos Beyero

IGA and Livelihood

Mehari Gudeta

Programs Coordinator

Mihiret Kassu

Youth Empowerment

Our Clients Say

We are delighted to work with local and international partners on projects that touched lives of thousands.

Philip Anderson


Your Persistence, Dedication and commitment to your values are great things

Mark K

Programs Officer

Thank you for great work you did . Proud of you

Justin Sudakar

Country Representative

Much to learn from you from our partnerships years long. Happy to know you and work with you in Ethiopia

David Bryan

Public Relations

Great work and commitment to partner with us helping our organization reach venerable kids and families

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that.

Brayden Shar

Recent Events and News

Center of Concern Ethiopia is undertaking different activities in different part of the country, Ethiopia. Here area some of latest Events and News at Center of Concern Ethiopia.

Water and Basic Needs

We are taking our part as per our capacity to help those in need of water and basic needs.

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Income Generating Activities

Helping households to generate income so that they can support themselves and help students attend schools regularly

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Sanitation and Hygiene: Covid

As severe situation of COVID in most part of the world, CoC is dealing with the problem by raising awareness and supplying sanitation materials.

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